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Vaca part 3.

It is good to be too busy to write much.

Altitude sickness is real
The little black spots are fading. The combination of salty snacks, water, Advil, and tine seems to have helped.

Everything I read says that only 10% of those who visit the Grand Canyon foto the North Rim. Now I understand. Monday morning spent on the lodge overlook patio with roughly twice the number of people as chipmunks. Oh, there were two chipmunks.

It is so pretty. It smells amazing here. Every direction one looks is gorgeous. It inspires awe. If the Raven would fly away, I would even say it is quiet. Silent.

Fear of heights and falling is real. Those of you without it, I think the rest of us my live longer. I am sure some the the photo ops I have seen people take are spellbounding, but they are also insane.

The Grand Pre-Birthday Vacation Part 1

Reflections from yesterday and this morning

I really don’t like to travel even when everything goes right. Did you know that there are really big racoons living in satellite parking at OIA? There are. I was wary of exiting my car but I finally found enough courage to proceed to the shuttle bus. Dear driver, I didn’t need an apology, it was the gaggle of ingrates traveling Southwest that expected you to park the bus an inch from the gate in that traffic. Hey, you let me off at the right terminal and lifted my suitcase off the bus. Job well done!

SeaBands are amazing. I don’t care if it is psychosomatic hooha or sound science based on pressure points. They got me through turbulence, other passenger vomit, an epic diaper blowout and airline air freshener certain death.

I want to be rich. I really like overpriced hotels, expensive dinner and stunning views. I need to remind myself that on my dear teacher’s salary this is the once in a lifetime, or at least once in a decade adventure. I will not get to repeat this every break. I will not get to repeat this every break. I will just keep repeating it until it sinks in.

How do you get the mental, “I should” messages ingrained in the brain to turn off? I am not talking a departure from ethical and moral behavior, I am talking the stupid things, “You should leave the sheers drawn over the window,” and “You shouldn’t just sit in your hotel room.” By the way, I had breakfast, outside in 100 degree heat, saw evaporation rate that was utterly amazing. Was trying to reset my internal clock. Walked 2500 steps before adjourning to my room. Of course the young man in the elevator said he was just on his way to bed and marveled at us who were up.

Mountains are amazing. I should google what I am looking at. My grandmother’s horror at my lack of basic geography is real. I blame fifth grade. The other class learned the 50 states and we learned the Canadian provinces and capitals.

O was amazing. I was in the splash zone. It was okay. They need a behind the scenes video of how they do that show. If I go to YouTube I am sure to find one. But it was great. I am sure there was so story about finding true love for all or something amid the acrobatics and aerial feats. All I know is it was mesmerizing. And impossible to take it all in during just one performance.

I need a synonym for amazing.

Are those orange Lamborghinis parked over there? I am gazing out of the window and looked at something beside the mountain. Oh, sitting by the storefront that says exotic car rental? Yes Dear, well spotted.

The 20something in the elevator last night said he saw more brides in the hotel than he had in his entire life. Think he was a bit nervous. I am guessing she was his girlfriend. But someone else pointed out that yesterday was 7-7-17 so all those numerology minded folk probably wanted to get married.

More later…

New Year’s Resolutions

So, have you made your resolutions yet?  Common wisdom says that sharing them make you more accountable therefore more likely to keep them.  I don’t know if this is true or not.  The only New Year’s resolution that ever really stuck I didn’t tell anyone about, until now, and I think that worked more by peer pressure.

My 2015 Resolutions

1.  Write at least one blog post a week.

2.  Keep a reading log – I have created a page.  I really would like to keep track of what I read.  I might even keep a craft log but I’m mot committing to that today.

Sometime, must have been in the late 1980’s in college, I made a resolution to brush my teeth twice a day, instead of only once a day and you will be relived to know that I have kept that resolution.  I have always had strong teeth so even when they threatened that my teeth would all rot away while I had braces, they didn’t; I was almost 30 before I had my first cavity.  But I was faking brushing my teeth before bed for my college roommate when I decided I could just go ahead and brush my teeth twice a day.  TMI?  Sorry.

I guess I better post this.  One down, 51 to go!

Back to School – Teacher Edition

Summer has come to an end.  As I science teacher I know that summer extends well into September, but trust me, summer has come to an end.  Tomorrow I officially go back to work for four days of highly structured and time managed days of pre-planning.  While all the students in the county enjoy their last taste of freedom, all the teachers will scramble to get everything ready.

1.  I cheated

This year I gave up and went in a day early.  I had always said on principle I would not start early, but today I went and checked out my keys and opened my room, looked at rosters, found the stapler and basically wasted 3 hours before taking a 2 hour lunch with a fellow teacher.  My former union steward self, and as the  daughter of a Teamster union steward, I am ashamed.  But lets face it,  every year I spend a half day in my room on Saturday before school.  Is this really any different?

2.  I could never teach elementary school

They “all” have their classrooms set up.  Their bulletin boards and learning centers organized around the theme for the year.  I have seen your FB posts and Pintrest boards.  My lab tables are coated with some oily cleaning product that I ignored and decided would eventually wear away on its own.  Note to those of you attending the pre-planning meeting in my room.  Wear old clothes!

3.  I am writing this during an awesome thunderstorm

So I may lose everything any second, including this computer.  I really know better, but I haven’t posted forever and I really wanted to write something.

4.  Butterflies

I was nervous driving to school this morning.  I had butterflies.  Partly because the lane toward school was blocked by an ambulance and two fire trucks and I had to cut through Walmart even to get there.  Yes, I did consider buying something at Walmart because I am that much of a rule follower.  I know it is a violation to cut through a parking lot.

But the point is, I had butterflies.  This is the tenth year in the same school and the third year with basically the same assignment.  Old hat, right?  Never.  In sixth grade I vomited on the first day and was sent home, like many other previous years.  At least back to second grade, I think.  I thought that was normal.  But I missed so much in sixth grade social studies the first day, that I vowed never to give in to the butterflies again.  So, they still come, I just don’t give in.

5.  Subject Area Meetings

Speaking of butterflies.  Wednesday all the teachers will gather for subject specific meetings.  I get to present for an hour to all the other chemistry teachers in the county.  I am truly blessed that I get to present in my own classroom.  I did this last year too.  It is still terrifying.  Much worse than the 148 students I will meet next Monday!  And yes, I counted.  As of today, I have 148 students this year.

6.  Teachers are optimists

Every year we do pretty much the same things.  We edit and revise but honestly, the periodic table doesn’t change that much and neither does what I teach.  But every year we expect the students to be more eager and more interested than any group of students has ever been before.  So we plan and construct lessons and try to remember all those good ideas gleaned from the hours spent at summer workshops.  We have the highest hopes for our students.  We are truly optimists.

7.  Summer amnesia

Thankfully, all teachers seem to also suffer from amnesia during the summer.  I can’t wait to get started.  Vaguely I remember the stacks of papers to grade, the hassle of writing tests and getting them copied, the quirky, demanding students who have even quirkier, more demanding parents but right now it doesn’t seem so bad.  Maybe that means I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, but please, don’t tell anyone!  I need to whine and complain about how short summer was when we all meet at 7:30 tomorrow morning and officially start back.

Have a Great School Year!

Hello world!

Hi!  As you may have guessed, my name is Anne.  There are a surprising number of people who pronounce that Annie, hence half the inspiration for the site name.  And yes, I am single.   Grandma passed on (I hate euphemisms, but that is what was going through my head) years ago and I think she was the last one that this bothered.

I am a high school chemistry and physics teacher and my summer project is starting a blog.  I hope to talk about teaching, pets, Christianity and the joys and trials of living alone.  I am the only child of an only child, both raised primarily by a single mother.  You may already see why I find living alone so advantageous.  If you keep reading this blog assuming I keep writing, you will quickly find out that my family tree has many broken branches.  But they all made made me who I am.