It Must Be August or You Might Be A Teacher If…

Happy first day of August.  I am enjoying the summer in that odd style that only teachers will probably understand.  Beside the date on the calendar, I realized it was August 1 today for many reasons.  The first reason you would think, the heat wave hitting the country, the record temperatures, the mild scent of sweat drifting in the air even if you venture outside for an instant wasn’t really what confirmed it.

I know it is the first day of August because before nine this morning I had two arguments with myself over what day of the week it is.  It is Saturday.  This was confirmed by morning television but, it is really hard to keep track.  After all the only day I have to set the alarm is Sunday so in my relaxed teacher mind there are only two days in the summer, Sunday and Notsunday.  And I really enjoy sleeping until I wake up.

How else do I know it is the first of August?  I know it is the first of August because I have both physical and mental energy.  The energy drained by a school year teaching chemistry and physics seems be refilled. I know that someplace I have a little battery like on my electronic devices and it is green and full but it took a really long time to overcome the drained, red, less than 10% status that I ran at in June.   I have planted flowers in place of the ones burnt by the summer heat.  I have trimmed and watered and found lots of other projects to do outside.  Then, while wandering through the kitchen I have identified new ways to organize the dishes, make use of those shelves way above my head and cull out those things lurking in the back of the cupboard and donate them to charity.  Believe me when I tell you all these things are rare events for this couch potato.

While preparing my list of things to do I also now have a second category.  The working title is, Next School Year.  So far this summer I haven’t really done much but avoid thinking about next school year.   But so far today I managed to scan material that would be helpful for next year.  No big deal, you think?  It involved cleaning off the scanner, connecting it to the “new” laptop, shooing the cat off the laptop when she walked by and somehow managed to cancel instillation,  well, you get the picture.  But it is done.  It wasn’t started and then I lost interest like most things attempted in June or July.  And I have a laundry list of ideas for Next School Year. And the list of ideas is invigorating not draining.  Yes, it must be August.

Just so you don’t think I completely set out to brag, I also have this little buzzing in my brain reminding me that the next pay check is a month away and the savings is getting smaller and wouldn’t it be great if you could save money?  I know, you can make it a game, the back corner of my brain suggests. You can go anywhere you want for lunch tomorrow, but you have this much money to spend.  Oh, that wasn’t exciting enough, fine, just tap into the hurricane supplies.  The weather in the tropics is calm.  You won’t miss a couple of cans from the pantry.  They would work well with the leftovers.

Lastly, how do I know it is August first.  Well, it is 23 days before school starts.  The countdown begins.