Summer Camp

Did you go to summer camp?  I didn’t.  I had no desire and I really don’t think it was an option.  I have never been one to make friends quickly so I can’t imagine being forced to sleep in a cabin with girls I didn’t know.

And then there is the bathroom situation.  I still recall when the roadside rest areas in Pennsylvania had outhouses.  I can just imagine going someplace with less than pristine rest rooms.  No Thank You!

And the food?  I don’t eat eggs or mayo so I am seemingly impossible to please for breakfast or at any picnic.  And I used to be super picky about the hotdogs I ate.  I would have starved.  It is so sad to think about.  And before you suggest it, I ate peanut butter sandwiches, or jelly sandwiches, but never the two mixed.

Oh yes, and swimming is usually featured at camp, right?  I can swim.  But I won’t jump into a pool or off of a dock.  It is that fear of falling.  So even though I took seven – yes seven- years of swimming in school plus lessons at the YWCA at least twice I never progressed beyond basic because I couldn’t pass the test because I would not jump in the pool and swim a lap.  So images of fun in the water don’t really appeal.

The one time I went camping with girl scouts my mom went too.  That way I didn’t actually have to talk to anyone else.    We didn’t have sleeping bags which embarrassed me.  And all the girls in our cabin had pajamas.  I had a night gown.  That was just so embarrassing I don’t think I got past it.  And the food should have been OK.  We made the traditional foil packets of potatoes and carrots and chicken to leave in the fire before going on a hike.  Mine just wasn’t cooked after the hike.   No more camping after that.

So in this summer season, I have to ask myself, why are you leading camp starting Tuesday?  OK – it isn’t a “real” camp.  It is day camp, at a school, focused on science but still.  Or maybe that is really why I am doing camp now, because I didn’t way way way back when.