Vaca part 3.

It is good to be too busy to write much.

Altitude sickness is real
The little black spots are fading. The combination of salty snacks, water, Advil, and tine seems to have helped.

Everything I read says that only 10% of those who visit the Grand Canyon foto the North Rim. Now I understand. Monday morning spent on the lodge overlook patio with roughly twice the number of people as chipmunks. Oh, there were two chipmunks.

It is so pretty. It smells amazing here. Every direction one looks is gorgeous. It inspires awe. If the Raven would fly away, I would even say it is quiet. Silent.

Fear of heights and falling is real. Those of you without it, I think the rest of us my live longer. I am sure some the the photo ops I have seen people take are spellbounding, but they are also insane.

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