You Are Not the General Manager of the Universe!

When I moved into my condo eight years ago the first thing I did was paint the kitchen yellow.  The second thing was to paint most of one wall in the computer/spare room with chalkboard paint.  And at some point while painting I decided I really needed the water turned on, but I digress, as usual.

For future reference, if you have textured walls like I do throughout the condo everywhere except the bathrooms, I wouldn’t recommend chalkboard paint.  The paint is fine, it is the writing and making it look good that leaves a little something to be desired.  So, my wall of quotes is permanent, not subject to change due to the annoyance of trying to write on the textured surface.  This makes the fact that it is chalkboard paint irrelevant.  I could have just gotten a giant bulletin board and posted things I like.

I was reminded of one of these quotes as I read Proverbs 10:8.

“The wise do what they are told,

but a talkative fool will be ruined.”  (NCV)

The quote is, “You are not the general manager of the Universe!” I don’t like doing what I am told.  My first response is usually, but why can’t we do such and such or it would be better to do this or that.  I am happy to be reminded that the wise do what they are told.  I am not the general manager of the Universe.  I am responsible for me.  That is it.  I am not recommending becoming a blind sheep but I do believe in the chain of command.  God put, or allowed certain people to be in positions over mine at church, school and throughout the community.  They each have an area of expertise.  I cannot play my role effectively if I am trying to do everyone else’s job.  Thank you for the reminder!

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