Problem Solving Methods

I admit it.  I like to people watch.  It never fails to be entertaining.  But the other morning I wasn’t thinking people watching.  It was more, “Danger, Will Robinson!”  You see, I like getting to work between 6:45 and 7:00 am.  It is a twelve to fifteen minute drive so no matter how you see it, most of the year, I leave the house in the dark.  Add clouds or fog, it can be really dark.

And, as a creature of habit, I just assume I will be the only loony-toon up that time of day, except for two dog walkers and one dude who exercises.  But they aren’t near my front door.  They are out on the road.  So, I left the house and hear voices.  Raised voices.  Mini-panic!  What should I do?  Go hide inside?  Well, I don’t see anyone, I will be brave and make the five step walk to my car, where I totally fail, because the darn thing has key-less entry.  But I am old school.  I lock the door by flipping the lock not hitting the remote.  So, to get in the car, I first must unlock it.  But the car doesn’t think it is locked, so it “locks” itself before it will unlock.  And the lights flash, and it beeps.  I’m sure you know, you have one yourself.  Anyway, nice going kid – try to draw more attention to yourself if you have just startled some major crime spree in progress.

Whew!  Safely in the car with the doors locked.  I don’t really see anything.  Car on, backing out.  Oh, I can hear a woman yelling.  And as I leave the driveway, there is a big, and I mean big, pick up truck barreling by me.  Rapid heart beat.  I am trapped.  As he opens the door of the truck, he whistles and the little fluffy dust mop of a dog turns around and jumps in the truck cab with him.  As he pulls a U-turn and drives home, I see his wife (girl friend, significant other?) stop running after the dog.  Not quite as intimidating as my imagination pictured her from the voice.  It is hard to be intimidating in flannel jammies and slippers.

So on the way to work, I was left to ponder the two ways these two strangers tried to solve the problem of the run away doggy.  The woman ran after him, running farther from home than she probably dreamed of going without being fully dressed.  But I am sure she was focused on catching the little guy before he got lost or hurt.  On the other hand, they guy knew the dog could run, and it had a head start but what dog would turn down a ride in the truck?  Problem solved.

And if that is the most excitement I face before 7:00 am, I am fine with that.

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