I live someplace between these two images.  I actually own the pink change purse, as a kind of benevolent brain-washing.  It hasn’t really worked though.  I know that change happens and that I need to be okay with it, I am just not.  I resonate so much more with Sheldon.

Today I will go to my new seats at the Daytona International Speedway.  Yes, I am one of those NASCAR fans.  Did you catch the part about new seats?  This wasn’t a planned upgrade, like when I had the perfectly awful seats on the backstretch that were so badly designed you couldn’t see any racing action, and it was an additional two mile walk to get to the “privilege” of sitting there.   I upgraded to the front stretch as soon as I was offered the chance.  One race, no one even took my ticket stub.  I guess they knew that no one would even try to sneak in back there.  Seriously, no one was manning the gates to take tickets.  I paid for that ticket!  I digress, as usual.

No, I didn’t plan this change.  They are renovating.  My old seat is no more.  I am on the same level, same general area.   But I had those seats in Petty Tower, section S, 3 and 4 since they were built.   Probably a little closer to the flagstand now, but still, it is different.  I had a well established routine and now it is changed.  And lets face it, they aren’t the seats Dad sat in with me.  And the wonderful gentleman from England quit coming with his family so there were different strangers sitting in seats 1 and 2.  And there will be a new usher.  For at least the last half-dozen years we have had the same usher.  Her daughter works with media for the Speedway so she has wonderful stories.  Had wonderful stories.  Well, probably still does, I just won’t hear them.  And what if the new usher is lazy.  Won’t get rid of the drunk seat surfers.  You know, those obnoxious people who usually travel in large packs and believe they deserve better seats so sit in any open seat available.

Oh, and they changed qualifying for NASCAR.  I must admit I haven’t even watched it, except for the weekly clips of the mishaps.  Sigh.  I really hate the image that all NASCAR fans care about are crashes.  For the serious race fan, qualifying was how you determined which car was good.  Seeing each car, alone, on the track for two laps gave the fan a lot of information.  But then, I went to qualifying at Watkins Glen with Dad.  It was a long day.  A really long day, but any day with him tended to be long.  You either became a fan or died of boredom.  Might as well learn to hear differences in engines, watch the lines the cars took, figure out how much faster the second lap would have to be than the first to qualify at the front.  But one of the announcers explained that qualifying was too long for the “young fans.”  So they made changes.  Sigh.  They will miss a lot.

I really wish I could be in the Change is Good camp today, but I must agree with Sheldon.  Change is never fine, they say it is…but it’s not.

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