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Kitty Lovers Only

You have been warned.  If you don’t live with and rearrange your life around a cat, read no further.  You just won’t understand.

My cats like to follow me around.  They often hide from strangers, or at least try.  Recently Miss Belle tried to hide under my chair, but her entire bottom half and fluffy tail were sticking out.    Heidi is rarely even seen by houseguests.  Belle is the black and white kitty sitting atop Heidi, my polydactyl tiger.  Of course they are both helping me with the computer.  Belle thinks she should be an only kitty but apparently this attempt to crush Heidi didn’t work.


I am a permissive cat parent.  They don’t have manners and Belle especially begs for food.  She will also steal food if given half a chance. One night she was begging for food, trying to jump and take it.  I may still qualify as a child.  I eat in front of the TV and  I often leave my vegetables until the end to eat.  The only thing left on my plate was steamed asparagus with a little bit of butter on it.  In order to get rid of the begging, annoying fur ball I figured I would give her a piece of asparagus and she would look at me in disgust and walk away.  I couldn’t wait to finish my meal in peace.

But she ate the asparagus.  And you are wondering why this is so amazing.  I didn’t really think much of it until a little later.  Remember, the cats follow me everywhere.  So if I go to the bathroom, there is often a cat with me, or two, or…you get the picture.  And they like going potty with company.  I must have praised them too much for using a litter pan when they were little.  So Belle uses the litter pan.  According to WebMD I must be one of the “lucky” 25% of the people who can smell the sulfides in urine produced during the digestion of asparagus.  So take smelly urine, don’t be fooled by that perfume quote, this stuff smells in humans, and then add it on top of the bad odor of cat urine.  Add them together and you get the title of my book, should I ever write one.  Never Feed a Cat Asparagus!  Don’t steal it, it is mine!

Oh, and is anyone else truly concerned that WebMD refers to it as pee and not urine?  That bothers me.  Are we really that dumb?  Wait, please don’t answer that.  And, don’t feed asparagus to your cat either.  Really, it is a bad idea.